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The wedding day.

The big day was yesterday ann it was a great day. First my sister and I went to the hotel to make the table decorations. We choosed to do that ourselves in the style of the wedding couple. Nice colorful flowers in a lot of romantic small bottles. We also decorated with balloons. After the decoration we went to our new sister in law to help her with her clothes. We made her a little lunch and we gave her the blue,borrowed,new and old presents. At the time we were ready my brother came to pick her up to go ...


När det gäller böcker så är det klart viktigt att de är rätt tryckta, annars så svärtar det ner sig på företagets ansikte. Nu så har vi anlitat ett tryckeri som är väldigt duktiga på att göra boktryck så det kommer nog inte att bli några problem, vi har anlitat dom förut för lite stansning av mappar så den här uppgiften kommer de nog att klara av galant också. Det är bra att veta direkt från början att man kommer att bli nöjd, för det innebär att även chefen kommer att bli nöjd. Det ger en klart pluspoäng.

Find out the cause

I have sometimes kneepain but fortunately it is not yet so serious that I have to go to the doctor. There are a lot of ways to get rid of your pain but that is of course depending on what kind of pain it is. It might be an injury and that is not only to take away with painkillers. Then it might be necessary with an operation or maybe a chiropractor. They can sometimes put the knee in its right position without injury and then it can heal with the right kind of exercise. It is important to investigate ...

Lcd on your sailingboat.

I went to a fair for navigational equipment. It was great to see all kind of new products. This market changed a lot the last few years. A custom designed lcd is really the gadget you really want to have on your boat. Every boat is different but all those lcd's have the same size and I know that you really have to think how you can fit this on your boat on normally a small spot. But if you choose to buy a custom designed lcd you know it will fit and it looks like the boat is adapted ...